MEGA fittings product catalog
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Perfect in shape

MEGA GOSSAU Ltd. is the Swiss specialist in metal die casting, leading in the sectors of individual, customer-specific metal die casting solutions as well as door and window fittings. With over 90 years of experience, numerous agencies and international references, MEGA GOSSAU Ltd. guarantees solid and high-quality work. Through innovative thinking and flexible action, we meet market requirements in line with the times and are in a position to continue opening up new markets in the future.

Metal die casting

As the Swiss market leader and with over 90 years of experience, MEGA GOSSAU Ltd. offers technical customer parts by means of metal die casting, in particular zinc die casting and aluminum die casting. No matter which application you would like to implement in the die casting process, we manufacture die cast parts individually according to customer requirements.


Builders hardware

We create fittings from zinc, aluminum and brass on our own initiative and with renowned designers, pick up contemporary trends and focus not only on form, color and function, but also on beautiful surfaces and good grip. Our own assortment is supplemented with high-quality stainless steel hardware.