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MEGA fittings product catalog
It is with great pleasure that we present our MEGA catalog 2023. Let yourself be inspired on more than 300 pages.

Our fittings are perfectly in shape

We create fittings from zinc, aluminum and brass on our own initiative and with renowned designers, pick up contemporary trends and focus not only on form, color and function, but also on beautiful surfaces and good grip. Our own assortment is supplemented with high-quality stainless steel hardware.

Zinc from Urban Mining

Sustainability is an integral part of MEGA's mission statement. Our most important raw material, zinc (ZAMAK 5 zinc alloy), is harmful to the environment. Through the advice of Reffnet.ch, MEGA purchased 24 tons of recycled zinc and cast 3,000 door handles from it in a pilot project. This reduced the environmental impact by 650 million environmental impact points in 2021. In the medium term, the switch to sustainable zinc for own products is planned.

MEGA builders hardware on buildup.ch

You can find our wide range of MEGA fittings on buildup.ch. Buildup is the missing link to your BIM project (Building Information Modeling). You will find all requested product informations  as well downloads for the planning and realisation of your project.


Swiss quality

Our Swiss zinc and brass fittings are of first-class Swiss quality – developed and manufactured by MEGA GOSSAU Ltd. with the finest craftsmanship and highest precision.


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Product catalogue


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