Values & mission statement

MEGA values


For us, fairness and respect are the basis of a successful cooperation. We work together with all stakeholders in a spirit of partnership and responsibility. We create room for creativity to unfold.


Through innovative thinking and action, we meet new market requirements in a timely manner. We continuously improve our processes and help our customers to find suitable solutions. We attach importance to personal diversity and encourage the will to perform.


The success of our customers, partners and employees also determines our success. We strive for a long-term relationship based on partnership. Through personal support we are able to support our customers from product development to application.


Our motivation is the enthusiasm for our daily work. We work with passion in the development of target-oriented solutions. Each individual is a specialist in his or her field and fully exploits his or her potential.


We operate an integrated and comprehensive quality management system, which is reflected in the quality of our services and products as well as in the cooperation with our partners and employees.


We take care of the environment and treat our resources with care. We use targeted measures to check compliance with regulations and ordinances. We promote environmental awareness through advice and training.

MEGA mission

What distinguishes us?

MEGA GOSSAU Ltd. is an independent, owner-managed company and the Swiss market leader in zinc die-casting.

How do we define quality

MEGA GOSSAU Ltd. is a manufacturer with the highest quality standards, casting, processing and refining ready-to-install fittings and die-cast metal parts.

How do we deal with our customers

Our internationally successful customers rely on our first-class products and our outstanding expertise.

What is the cooperation like with business partners?

In our actions, we pay attention to ethics and partnership, strive for responsible use of resources - especially energy consumption - and care for the environment.

What competencies do our employees have?

We promote the motivation, skills and initiative of our employees and lead them to act responsibly and actively in line with our corporate goals.

Profile & history


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