100% Swiss zinc from urban mining
Our zinc fittings are made of 100% Swiss zinc from urban mining. With MEGA you have everything under control.


Sustainability is an important part of MEGA GOSSAU AG, the Swiss market leader in zinc die casting. We are convinced that responsibility for people, the environment and products is expressed, among other things, in the careful use of resources. That is why we take care of the environment.

MEGA fittings made from 100% Swiss zinc from urban mining

We consistently focus on sustainability by concentrating on Swiss zinc and its recovery. Since 2023, we have been producing MEGA fittings entirely from high-quality Swiss zinc obtained from urban mining. In doing so, we are making an important contribution to the environment.

Zinc from urban mining

Thanks to the advice of Reffnet.ch, MEGA was able to successfully carry out a pilot project in 2021 in which 3,000 door handles were made from 24 tons of recycled zinc without compromising on quality. This initiative has already led to a reduction in environmental impact.

Environmentally friendly coatings

We pay attention to our environment and employee-friendly coating materials. On our electroplating systems, we coat entirely on CHROM 3(III), which has a low chromium content. This results in fewer waste products, which protects our employees even better and reduces the burden on the environment.

Innovative recycling & wastewater treatment plants

Our state-of-the-art ecological and economical recycling and wastewater treatment plants make a further contribution to sustainability. We ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and ordinances through regular audits and the resulting measures.

Compliance and resource efficiency

In our own interest, we check compliance with laws, regulations and ordinances and strive to use resources responsibly. We pay attention to the REACH regulation, which protects people and the environment from chemical risks, the RoHS guidelines, which restrict hazardous substances in electrical appliances, and the Dodd-Frank Act, which regulates conflict minerals.

Ambitious environmental protection targets

Through targeted cyclical audits and measures, we not only ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, but also go above and beyond. As a member of the Energy Agency for Industry, we pursue ambitious environmental protection targets and are continuously developing.


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