[Translate to English:] Zink aus Urban Mining
[Translate to English:] Gemeinsam mit Reffnet hat die MEGA einen Massnahmenplan erarbeitet, um zu prüfen, wie nachhaltiges Zink genutzt werden kann.

With metal die casting, we bring your wish perfectly into shape

As the Swiss market leader and with over 90 years of experience, MEGA GOSSAU Ltd. offers technical customer parts by means of metal die casting, in particular zinc die casting and aluminum die casting. No matter which application you would like to implement in the die casting process, we manufacture die cast parts individually according to customer requirements.


What material should it be? We introduce you to the most important properties of the materials we offer and show you what distinguishes zinc and aluminum in metal die casting.


Zinc from Urban Mining

Sustainability is an integral part of MEGA's mission statement. Our most important raw material, zinc (ZAMAK 5 zinc alloy), is harmful to the environment. Through the advice of Reffnet.ch, MEGA purchased 24 tons of recycled zinc and cast 3,000 door handles from it in a pilot project. This reduced the environmental impact by 650 million environmental impact points in 2021. In the medium term, the switch to sustainable zinc for own products is planned.

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