The choice of the right material has a strong influence on the properties and intended use of your castings. You have a certain problem and want a solution? We will be happy to advise you on the right material, create initial designs and produce the cast part in zinc die casting or aluminum die casting. Benefit from the experience of our highly trained specialists.


The classic die-cast metal with the main component zinc has been very popular for centuries. Excellent mechanical properties, very economical mass production and high resource efficiency make zinc a particularly valuable raw material. Castings of high precision, hardness and strength are produced. Zinc is processed on hot chamber die casting machines.

Due to the relatively low melting point (approx. 390 °C) and a particularly narrow solidification interval of the zinc alloys, particularly narrow tolerances and demanding surfaces can be produced in zinc die casting. In this way it is possible to produce large quantities from one mold.


The advantages of aluminum are very versatile in practice and can be traced back to various properties of the light metal. Although aluminum is a so-called light metal, it has an extremely high strength, low density and good thermal conductivity.

The light metal is easy to process and form. A common method for this is die casting.


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